Graduate Certificate in Lean Systems

Exciting New Program from the Lean Systems Program
become a certified lean practitioner as part of your master’s degree

  • interdisciplinary – open to students from non-manufacturing and non-engineering disciplines such as business, health care, and more
  • four required courses, 12 hours is all it takes
  • choose from full series of six
    • two required core courses + two electives to earn certificate
    • take all six to improve your skills and increase your value to employers
  • based on the real thing – the Toyota Production System (TPS)
  • innovative teaching techniques including hands-on real-world experience for students
  • highly qualified instructors who have both academic and industrial experience

Why get this certificate?
Lean systems is a proven technique for reducing waste, improving productivity, and increasing the bottom line found to be effective across many industries, businesses, and organizations. Companies spend a lot of money educating their current employees and place a high premium on new graduates who have already acquired knowledge in the field.

Why UK?
The University of Kentucky has been studying and teaching TPS for over 15 years and continues a close relationship with Toyota Motor Manufacturing that keeps our knowledge up to date and in line with the practices of the originator. And we’ve been teaching it just as long and have developed innovative and engaging techniques. In short – we’re the best.

Who should enroll?
For academic students, some of the majors that will benefit include

  • business, management, economics, marketing, human resources
  • health care including nursing, pharmacy, physicians, lab techs
  • accounting, finance
  • sciences and more

Working professionals can also enroll and those that should consider it include:

  • business, management, marketing
  • CEOs, CFOs, executives
  • team leaders, line workers
  • faculty, researchers
  • health care professionals
  • human resources, accounting, and finance professionals
  • other career professionals

For more information contact:

Abbot Maginnis
210E Robotics Bldg. (RMB)
Phone: 859-257-4943
Bill Cooper
210A Robotics Bldg. (RMB)
Phone: 859-257-4963
Thomas Suggs
159 RGAN Bldg.
Phone: 859-257-6336, ext. 80662
Peter Hayman
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